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Revolutionizing Brain and Mental Health Care.

Highmark delivers best-in-class digital health tools and hybrid care solutions to manage total brain wellness – for yourself, patients, employees, or athletes.

Portfolio of Health Technology and Services

Network of 350+ Practices

31+ Countries

570,000+ Assessments Completed

120,000,000+ Datapoints

Data-driven, end-to-end solutions.

Leading people, providers, and payers towards better outcomes with precision across the full continuum of health and function.

Using our unique combination of best-in-class proprietary technology and clinical services, we optimize individual and organizational health, safety, wellness and productivity.

We provide comprehensive, precise, and data-rich cognitive, physical and psychological health assessments that enable timely decisions.

Our multi-disciplinary teams specialize in the delivery of evidence-based, person-centric treatment programs for brain and mental health.

An experienced team of individuals collaborating with you on the complex nature of brain and mental health return-to-work.

We are optimizing health by fusing human ingenuity and technology.

Our impact starts by building intelligent tools and models of care for better brain and mental health. From our clinical solutions through to our growing network of 350+ clinicians and research partners across the globe, Highmark Interactive strives to make the world a healthier and happier place. Learn more about our company vision, mission, values, and how we’re making an impact.

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Passionate about our mission? We are hiring.

We’re creating an environment where everyone can thrive while positively impacting the people we strive to empower in their healthcare journey. Our customers and the markets we serve are diverse, and we’re building a team that is too.