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Assess & Monitor Your Patients’ Brain Function – From Anywhere

EQ Active is a leading, FDA-cleared brain function assessment platform that can be used to support virtual, in-person, and hybrid care.

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570,000+ Assessments Completed
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*EQ Active is  FDA listed as EQ Active Brain Tracking

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“Adding EQ to our clinical tools has been amazing. EQ allows us to monitor the client’s neurological function and identify possible issues sooner. It allows us to offer the quality of care we want for our clients, setting a new standard for brain care.”
- Natasha Wilch
Physical Therapist

Remote Monitoring

Cut assessment time by up to 95%.

Brain & Mental Wellness

Track total brain performance.


Elevate your client experience.


Drive more revenue.


See the full picture of brain performance

Get rich information across 7 core areas of brain performance and mental wellness.

Track performance across: balance, visual function, executive function, verbal memory, working memory, attention, and reaction.

Understand your clients’ mental wellness including the balance between stress and recovery across 6 subdomains: general, social, physical, emotional, conflicts and pressure, and fatigue. 

EQ activities are based on gold-standard assessments such as trailmaking, digits backwards, and more.

EQ assessments are FDA-cleared (USA), CE-marked (Europe), have Medical Device Status in Canada and Oceania, and are fully compliant with rigorous privacy and security requirements.

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Spend more time on what matters

Have your clients self-complete assessments and simply track individual and aggregate progress from your remote dashboard.

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Cut assessment time by up to 95% & proactively monitor by having your clients self-complete full assessments, quick check-ins, or individual activities or surveys on an ongoing basis – from their own smartphone. 

Stay organized, streamline communication, and track registration, activity, and progress of individuals and groups. 

Set up protocols and reminders, and track compliance via your remote dashboard.

Get rich, ongoing data across individual and aggregate progress.


Elevate your client experience

Give your clients a tool they will love doing.

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EQ Active Brain Performance is the world’s first FDA-cleared, mobile, gamified neurological assessment platform.

With fun and engaging activities, your clients will finally want to complete their assessments.

Meet the expectations of your clients by providing them with a modern, fun, mobile, and easy-to-use tool that they can do – whenever, wherever.

With leaderboards, in-app points, and personal best records, your clients will be motivated to do their best.


Make EQ your competitive advantage

Drive more revenue, reduce costs, deliver a better patient experience and differentiate from your competition.

Common billing codes for cognitive assessments and cognitive services can be used with EQ. Contact us to learn more.

New codes related to the use of digital tools, remote patient monitoring and remote therapeutic monitoring have been or are being created (depending on factors like location and billing source). Contact us to learn more about these new opportunities.

Less time assessing means reduced costs and more time that can be spent on high-impact, revenue-generating activities.

Increase your revenue, reduce your costs, improve your outcomes, deliver better client engagement and experience, and increase the marketability of your practice.

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Plus, you'll always get these features free:

PHIPA & HIPAA Compliant

Keep PHI safe with a tool that satisfies PHIPA & HIPAA requirements.

Technical Support

Get the help you need from our live support team and help center

Clinical Support

Find resources and answers from our team of experienced clinicians and our network of 350+ clinicians

Client/Patient Self-Directed Resources

Empower your clients with eduational and self-directed resources.


Count on rigorous security to keep you and your clients' information safe.


Access data and organize information that helps you better manage your practice.

Manage brain performance and mental wellness — all in one place.

Free trial. Sign up in minutes. Access all features.



1. Download “EQ Brain Performance” from the app store on your smartphone.

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2. Sign up and take the full check-in.

3. Review your brain performance with your Doctor or rehab specialist. Ask your provider to contact us with any questions and to learn more about the additional data analysis and insights provided with clinical accounts.

*EQ Active is FDA listed as EQ Active Brain Tracking