Highmark Interactive

What We Do

We are on a mission to transform the world of brain and mental health. Through first-of-its-kind technology and best-in-class services, we are optimizing care, bettering access, and improving outcomes with a rapidly growing network of people, providers and payers across the globe.

Pioneering Technology

With a growing portfolio of both patient-led and clinician-led technologies, we are increasing access and pioneering new approaches to world-class assessment and management of brain and mental health.

End-to-end Services

A growing network of 350+ practices specializing in brain and mental health across the entire continuum – from prevention to complex rehabilitation and everything in between.

Novel Insights

A growing population of 120,000,000+ anonymized data points driving novel insights and optimizing models of care.

Picture of co-workers collaborating with technology in an office

The Highmark Approach

We believe that sustainable growth is best achieved by investing in great technology, people, and partners, and focusing them on helping our clients be successful. Across our solutions, there are guiding principles that set us apart:

We Live Our Values Right Down To Our Organizational Structure.

We’re creating an environment where everyone can thrive. Our customers and the markets we serve are diverse, and we’re building a team that is too.