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“EQ Elite” Provides Athletic Therapist with Powerful Data to Facilitate Return-to-Play Decision

How EQ Elite can be used in “return to play” cases.*

Martina, a college basketball player, suffered a collision early in the season and is being managed for a concussion. Her athletic therapist, Sol, is trying to determine whether Martina is fit to return to play.

Traditionally, Martina’s test results would be compared to normative data, which doesn’t necessarily provide an accurate benchmark for each individual. Because Sol wants to ensure Martina doesn’t run the risk of re-injury, he will tend to keep her on the bench longer and play it safe, even if she is showing considerable improvements.

However, Martina has been using EQ Elite, so Sol can track Martina’s test results based on her previously established healthy performance. Once Martina reaches her own baseline, Sol approves her to safely return to play, based on comparison to her established pre-injury performance data.

Martina is thrilled to be back on the court for the rest of the season, and Sol is confident in his decision. With EQ Elite, the guesswork has been taken out of the return to play process.


*This is a hypothetical use case that illustrates a real-world situation.