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“EQ Elite” Helps Athletic Trainer Manage Brain Health of Dozens of College Athletes

How EQ Elite can help overstretched athletic trainers.*

Marcus is an athletic trainer at a top college—he has 160 players to manage, many of them star athletes. The financial impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic mean he has lost admin support staff, leaving Marcus feeling overwhelmed and stretched thin by his duties—especially around concussion management. Traditional neurological testing is slow and onerous and Marcus worries that injuries may go undetected if things don’t change. 

To ensure the safety of his athletes, Marcus decides to implement EQ Elite—the first mobile, gamified, FDA-approved neurological assessment tool. Athletes are now regularly expected to check-in and take neurological tests in the form of fun games through the EQ app downloaded to their phone. These regular check-ins develop a personalized baseline and data from each athlete is sent to Marcus’ secure dashboard. 

EQ Elite tracks when an athlete’s performance is dipping compared to their own personal normal (as opposed to generalized data). Marcus’ dashboard is made up of data-rich visualizations, which means he can quickly scan all of his athletes’ results for early warning signs of brain health or mental wellbeing problems, as well as use the data to manage his concussion program with greater efficiency and accuracy. 

EQ Elite is a solution that makes it possible for Marcus to provide the support athletes need without burning himself out.


*This is a hypothetical use case that illustrates a real-world situation.