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“EQ Active” Helps Retiree Gain Insight into His Brain Health, Remotely

How EQ Active can be used by seniors to manage their brain health and mental wellness.*

70-year old Josh is a retired professional who has a history of injury, including past concussions. Recently he’s been experiencing balance and movement issues and worries these past injuries may be impacting his current mobility. 

Josh lives 90 minutes away from the physiotherapist clinic which would make virtual care a great option for him—if he weren’t a self-described “technology amateur.” 

Luckily, his physiotherapist, Hannah, uses EQ Active to perform remote assessment, which is a user-friendly option for even the most tech reluctant patients. Josh is pleased to discover he can use his smartphone to do the tests from the comfort of home. Hannah uses EQ to gather data, assess Josh’s deficits, and develop an exercise plan intervention. As Josh puts in the work, Hannah tracks his progress. 

Being able to see his results in real-time helps lessen some of Josh’s fears over his health. Hannah also recommends that Josh complete the EQ Resilience module, which tracks his mental wellness and psychosocial health. His testing takes a maximum of 15 minutes and provides a holistic portrait of his neurological, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Hannah knows that there’s nothing more personal than healthcare. The challenge of virtual care is to make sure patients like Josh feel seen and heard. EQ is the technology that enables Hannah to get the data she needs and have meaningful conversations with Josh, even when she’s treating him fully remotely.


*This is a hypothetical use case that illustrates a real-world situation.