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“EQ Active” Helps Physiotherapist Manage Concussion in 12-Year-Old Patient

How EQ Active can be used to support concussion management of children and youth.*

12-year-old Tommy is a hockey player with big dreams. A week ago, he was diagnosed with a concussion during a game. His goal is returning to learn and returning to play. 

His physiotherapist, Hannah, has been working with Tommy in-person prior to the COVID-19 pandemic but has since transitioned to virtual care. Hannah uses EQ Active to have Tommy undertake clinically-validated tests that assess three aspects of brain function: balance, vision and cognition. 

Using EQ Active saves Hannah time—Tommy completes tests on his own, and the application assesses the results and displays them on Hannah’s secure patient dashboard. There’s no need for Tommy to come to the clinic in person, which is important during the pandemic, but would also be helpful for Tommy and his family during normal times. (Between busy sports schedules, jobs, and other responsibilities, Tommy’s parents are grateful for one less thing to squeeze onto the calendar!)

Hannah reviews Tommy’s data through the web-based EQ dashboard, making it easy to compare past scores and progress. 

And because the tests take the form of fun mobile games, Tommy is engaged and motivated to complete the tests—something that can be challenging when working with young patients.


*This is a hypothetical use case that illustrates a real-world situation.