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Remote Monitoring of Balance Decreases Fall Risk and Generates New Clinic Revenue

EQ Active is a leading FDA-cleared, Remote Balance Monitoring platform that promotes earlier intervention and better care without any patient contact or clinical time, and is reimbursable for Remote Physiologic Monitoring (RPM) codes which can drive incremental revenue of $217-$327 per patient.

570,000+ Assessments Completed
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*Estimate based on CMS guidelines. Actual figure may be higher or lower. 

**EQ Active is FDA listed as EQ Active Brain Tracking

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"The Highmark EQ software provides a clinically relevant and simple tool to evaluate balance. In my experience, it has been well received by patients and clinicians, with a simple and intuitive user interface, and an effective clinician dashboard that facilitates rapid and accurate assessment of large numbers of patients with maximum efficiency.”
Dr. John Leddy, MD.
UB MD Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine Group

Remote Monitoring

Cut assessment time by up to 99%.

Track Balance

No hardware required. Plus, we handle the tracking for you.

Better Care

Better management of physical risk factors that can lead to clinically significant falls and negative outcomes.


Drive new revenue without additional time, cost or hardware.


Earlier intervention, better care

EQ Balance is designed to assist in the earlier identification and management of physical risk factors that can lead to an increased probability of clinically significant falls, associated negative patient outcomes, and/or associated increased health care costs.

Graph depicting balance over time as measured by the EQ Active Brain Performance app

Facilitate the earlier introduction of home-based or ambulatory assistive strategies.

EQ Balance data provides further evidence of the need for operative or nonoperative intervention.

Real-time insights provide better stratification of post-intervention expectation.

Enhance patient engagement by providing them with key data.


Make EQ your competitive advantage

Deliver more efficient preventative care, drive more revenue, reduce costs, deliver a better patient experience and differentiate from your competition.

RPM codes are considered evaluation & management services (E/M) and can be ordered & billed by physicians or non-physicians eligible to bill Medicare for E/M. Primary Medicare RPM CPT codes include: 99091, 99453, 99454, 99457 and 99458. Contact us to learn more.

Less time assessing means reduced costs and more time that can be spent on high-impact, patient care initiatives.

No hardware, cost and minimal time required. Plus, Highmark handles patient enrollment, management and compliance, and reporting.

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Plus, you'll always get these features free:

PHIPA & HIPAA Compliant

Keep PHI safe with a tool that satisfies PHIPA & HIPAA requirements.

Technical Support

Get the help you need from our live support team and help center

Clinical Support

Find resources and answers from our team of experienced clinicians and our network of 350+ clinicians

Client/Patient Self-Directed Resources

Empower your clients with eduational and self-directed resources.


Count on rigorous security to keep you and your clients' information safe.


Access data and organize information that helps you better manage your practice.

Unlock New Revenue Without Disrupting Existing Workflows

Our experts would love to chat about how Remote Monitoring of Balance can help your practice increase efficiency, improve care and grow your practice. Reach out and a member of our team will be in touch soon.

*EQ Active is FDA listed as EQ Brain Tracking