A complete solution
to monitor your athletes'
brain health

The world’s first neurological and mental health assessment solution that’s FDA-cleared, gamified and mobile.


Athletic trainers, therapists and managers everywhere are under pressure to do more, with less. The financial impacts of global pandemic has meant a reduction in administrative support.

And, when it comes to neurological health, our scientific understanding of the brain has changed.

EQ Elite - Brain Health Assessment Solution for Athletes


With EQ Elite, now you can modernize your approach, achieve better health outcomes for athletes, reduce administrative time and manage more athletes all in one platform.

Our solution provides athletes with engaging, clinically-derived brain tests using a mobile app. They are designed to assist with concussion management, brain health monitoring and mental wellness monitoring.

Plus, the results are securely shared with you on a data-rich dashboard, helping you manage many athletes at once and make evidence-based decisions.


Save time, get better data and manage more athletes — all in one platform.

Get More Time Back in Your Day

No need to chase athletes since the system automatically reminds them to complete their tests.

Reduce Administrative Burden

Lower administrative time by having athletes provide meaningful data from their mobile devices.

Make Better Decisions, Faster

Forget anecdotal evidence and instead use objective data to make decisions about return-to-play/learn.

Uncover the Complete

Gain insight on both brain performance and mental wellbeing, including readiness to perform.

Scan Quickly for Signs of Problems

View test results for all your athletes or teams on an easy-to-use, data rich dashboard.

Love that Your Athletes Love It

Replace boring and time-consuming testing with fun, engaging and clinically-derived games.


  1. Athletes receive an invite to download the EQ Brain Performance app to their mobile devices.

  2. In less than 15 minutes, athletes play clinically-derived brain games and answer a questionnaire, providing meaningful brain health data.

  3. Athletes receive their results immediately, allowing them to track their wellness and brain performance over time.

  4. Trainers and Medical personnel receive results from all their patients on a secure dashboard, helping them easily manage their caseload.

“In today’s fast paced and high pressure sporting environment, winning is not just about physical performance. EQ allows athletes to more consistently be on their best game.”

Hayley Wickenheiser
5-time Olympic Medalist

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