A complete solution
to monitor your patients’
brain health

The world’s first brain health assessment solution that’s FDA-cleared and supports virtual, in-clinic and hybrid care models.


Care providers everywhere are under pressure to do more, with less. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of virtual and hybrid care models.

And, when it comes to neurological and psychological health, our scientific understanding of the brain has changed.

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With EQ Active, now you can modernize your care model, achieve better patient outcomes, reduce administrative time and manage more patients all in one platform.

Our solution provides patients with engaging, clinically-derived brain tests using a mobile app on their phone or tablet. These assessments identify changes that may be of concern.

Results are securely shared with you on a data-rich dashboard, enabling you to manage many patients with ease, make decisions based on evidence and offer the right mix of in-person or virtual care.


Save time, get better data and manage more patients — all in one platform.

Modernize Your Care Model

Gain the flexibility to engage your patients remotely, in your clinic or using a hybrid care approach.

Provide Proactive Care

Objective results identify easy-to-miss signals as they progress and enable early intervention.

Reduce Costs, Increase Revenue

Use it alone or as part of a hybrid approach to maintain billings/continuity and avoid issues from escalating.

Scan Quickly for Signs of Problems

View test results for all your patients on a PHI-compliant, data rich dashboard.

Get More Time Back in Your Day

Reduce administrative time by having patients collect their own meaningful data on their mobile device.

Love that Your Patients Love It

Replace boring, time-consuming testing with fun and engaging games.


  1. Patients receive an invite to download the EQ Brain Performance app to their mobile devices.
  2. In less than 15 minutes, patients play clinically-derived brain games and/or answer a 90-second mental wellness questionnaire, providing meaningful brain health data.
  3. Patients receive their results immediately, allowing them to track their wellness and brain performance over time.
  4. Clinicians receive results from all their patients on a secure dashboard, helping them easily manage their day.

“Adding EQ to our clinical tools has been amazing. EQ allows us to monitor the client’s neurological function and identify possible issues sooner. It allows us to offer the quality of care we want for our clients, setting a new standard for brain care.”

Natasha Wilch
Physical Therapist

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