Monitor your brain health,
one game at a time.

The world’s first mental health and brain performance assessment app that’s fun to play and developed using science.

EQ Brain Performance - Brain Health Performance App

Get real-time insightS about your brain's health

EQ Brain Performance supports mental health and resilience.
Test anywhere, anytime.

Enhance your self-awareness

Use a simple system to help identify “how you’re doing”, so you can develop an ongoing awareness of well-being and resilience.

Monitor your brain performance

Establish your range of normal and self-identify when there are persisting or progressive changes so you can seek assistance.

Get personalized suggestions

If changes are detected, get personalized suggestions for self-care or additional support from a coach or healthcare professional.

Useful for everyone

Perfect for individuals, families, seniors, employees, athletes and more. Everyone can benefit from greater insight about their brain and mental wellness.

Enjoy playing!

Traditional neurological tests are boring and tedious. Not EQ Brain Performance! Have fun playing engaging games and trying to beat your personal bests.

Test anywhere, anytime

Download the app to your mobile phone or tablet and take the tests from anywhere. Enjoy using it in the comfort of your own home or on the go.


  1. Download the EQ Brain Performance app to your mobile device.
  2. Answer a personal mental wellness questionnaire and play clinically-derived brain games.
  3. View your results and see how they compare with your previous scores. Get personalized suggestions if a change is detected.

“I use my EQ app on a weekly basis to get an objective pulse on my brain wellness. The games are fun to play and I’m always trying to beat my top scores! Plus, it’s good to have a baseline. If anything changes, I can take that data to my doctor.”


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