A complete solution
to support workplace mental
wellness & safety

The world’s first mental wellness assessment
solution that’s FDA-cleared, gamified and mobile.

A complete solution to support workplace mentall wellness & safety

The world’s first mental wellness assessment solution that’s FDA-cleared, gamified and mobile.


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With EQ at Work, now you can rely on objective data – not guesses.

Our solution provides employees with fun, clinically-derived brain tests using a mobile app on their phone or tablet. These assessments monitor mental wellness over time, promote positive behavioral change, and direct the employee to the most appropriate personalized support resources.

Plus, the results can be securely shared with you, either at an aggregate level (perfect for understanding the wellness pulse of your organization) or an individual level (designed for safety sensitive work).


Protect workers, improve productivity and lower costs.

Enhance Employee Self-Awareness

Give employees objective insight into their mental wellness and connect them to care when they need it.

Harness data for better rtw planning

Monitor mental health return-to-work (RTW) programs and uncover new ways to reduce recurrence.

Easily Assess Fitness for Work

Enable simple and non-invasive fitness for work assessments when required for safety-sensitive jobs.

Join an End-to-End Wellness Ecosystem

Provide employees with the right support, at the right time, from the right people — like self-care, coaching or health care.

Monitor Organizational Pulse

Rely on objective data, instead of anecdotal evidence, to monitor the overall wellbeing of your workers.

Use as a Stand-Alone or Integrated Platform

Use it alone, pair it with our other EQ modules or easily embed it into your existing wellness programs and platforms.


  1. Workers receive an invitation to download the EQ app to their mobile device.
  2. In 90 seconds, they take a mental wellness questionnaire and get instant color-coded feedback. They can also play fun games that measure their brain performance.
  3. Workers receive their private results and, if a change is detected, are connected with appropriate support strategies.
  4. Employers receive real-time aggregated, anonymized results (and individual results, if consent has been provided) on their secure dashboard to make quick and informed decisions.

“EQ is a perfect fit for our foundation based on its scientific rigor and groundbreaking application to stress and brain health.”

Dr. Deepak Chopra
MD. FACP, Clinical Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health, Author
UCSD, The Chopra Foundation, Chopra Global, Gallup Organization

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