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“EQ at Work” Helps Employees at a Tech Company Manage their Mental Health

How EQ at Work can be used by employees.*

RealTech Solutions wants to better support its employees through the stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. After more than a year of remote work, lockdowns and uncertainty, they know that many of their employees are experiencing mental health struggles. The company decides to offer their employees EQ at Work.

Using the EQ app downloaded to their personal phones or tablets, employees are encouraged to track their resilience and mental wellbeing by taking the EQ assessments. RealTech decides to make the app totally confidential for employees and chooses not to receive data, even at the aggregated level. 

Instead, RealTech configures its EQ package so that employees receive directions to appropriate care, including resources within RealTech and community health resources that accept RealTech’s insurance plan. The support suggested ranges from self-care tips, to life/career coaching, to help from registered medical professionals. For some employees, using EQ enables early detection of underlying mental health issues meaning they can get the right treatment before their health deteriorates. 

Although RealTech isn’t tracking data through the EQ dashboard, the company does notice an impact on their business. There’s a culture shift, with employees and managers able to have more open conversations about mental wellbeing, and a reduction in the number of days the company is losing to time off. Over the medium term, the company begins to see encouraging signs that their focus on wellbeing is translating to improved performance and better business outcomes. 


*This is a hypothetical use case that illustrates a real-world situation.