Dr. Noah Silverberg is a Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Medical and Rehabilitation at the University of British Columbia and Principal Investigator in the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute Rehabilitation Research Program. The focus of his research is concussion/mild traumatic brain injury prognosis, treatment, and knowledge translation. His research program is supported by a Health Professional Investigator Award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and project funding from the multiple agencies, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. Dr. Silverberg is a recognized expert in mild traumatic brain injury. He was an invited expert panel member on the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (3rd Edition) clinical practice guidelines and serves as Chair of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Mild TBI Task Force. From 2015-2016, he was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at Harvard Medical School. He is an Associate Editor for the Neurorehabilitation section of the journal Frontiers of Neurology, and has extensive peer-review experience with numerous journals (e.g., New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association, Journal of Neurotrauma) and grant agencies (e.g., Canadian Institutes of Health Research and United States Department of Defense). Dr. Silverberg practices as a board-certified (ABPP-CN) neuropsychologist at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre, British Columbia’ tertiary rehabilitation hospital. He also has a private neuropsychology consulting practice involving professional athletes (National Hockey League and Major Soccer League) as well as personal injury and worker’s compensation claimants with mild traumatic brain injury.

Dr. Noah Silverberg

Clinical Associate Professor of Physical Medical and Rehabilitation, University of British Columbia